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Tapping into the artist within has been a life long desire. Visual art is very new to me and a gift that has come in the second half of my life. I love to work with my hands and have always desired to find a way to express myself in an art form. Then I came upon additive and subtractive drawing with charcoal. I love the way the medium feels in my hands, like a gardener tills his garden so does the charcoal till up that which has laid dormant for much of my life. With simple tools and the quiet of the night, I allow my creativity to emerge bringing light boldly forth from the darkness. Iím increasing inspired each time I sit before my easel and a piece of white paper, allowing the art to flow out through my hands. In each moment I connect to the subject and learn from each of the subtle nuances of their face or shape. Bringing movement and grace into visual form is where my eyes lead my hands. Now that I am open, there is no turning back and I am destined to follow where Spirit leads.




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